Weems Neighborhood Proposal, Lafayette

I went to the planning commission meeting in Lafayette on October 28, 2015. The developers / architects/ and owners of the Weems neighborhood (to the NW of Walmart, directly north of Anna's Farms) were there to talk. The owner of this farm who has lived there for 40 years was asked by her husband before he died to do something with the property that would allow for people to age in place, and promote sustainability, their farming lifestyle, and multimodal transportation. She (the owner) hired another local woman as her project manager, and a CSA/farmshare lady, to help come up with a vision for the area. 

Meet DELO! Downtown East Louisville

The redevelopment of Louisville continues with the new urban infill project DELO, short for Downtown East Louisville.

The area east of the tracks is currently considered blighted, and is comprised of commercial, single family residential, and multi-family residential buildings, along with the Mainers Field ball park, and some undeveloped land to the south of S. Boulder Rd.