Avoid Frozen Pipes During the Cold Winter Months

If you have a water meter that is frozen outside your home, The City of Lafayette can assist you by checking up on this. Otherwise, you should call a plumber if you suspect a frozen pipe or another issue may be occurring inside your home.

If you are located in the City of Lafayette, call the public works department at 303-665-5588 x. 5 if you experience a loss of water service during the cold weather months.  The City will come out to verify your water meter outside your home is not frozen.  If your meter is not frozen, you will need to contact a plumber to investigate the matter further.

Cold weather can potentially mean frozen pipes, but frozen pipes can also be prevented.

Here is a list of several things you can do to make sure the flow of water to your home is not interrupted (Put together by the City of Lafayette): 

•First, make sure everyone in your family knows where the main shut-off to your home is located. 
•Make sure the cover on your water meter is in place and secure. If not, please call the Lafayette Public Works Department at 303-661-1277 Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm. 
•Periodically turn on your cold water faucets to make sure the water is flowing. If you suspect that a pipe is becoming frozen, turn on a cold water tap and let it run slowly. This will keep the water from freezing. 
•If you are leaving your house an extended period, do not turn the heat down or off. 
•Turn off the water in vacant buildings and drain the pipes. 
•Make sure your garden hoses are disconnected.
•Outside irrigation systems should be turned off and drained. 
•Wrap pipes in crawl spaces or unheated areas with insulation or heat tape. 
•Open cupboard doors to let heat reach the pipes under your sinks. 
•Repair broken windows.
•If you suspect your water pipes are frozen, don’t wait for them to thaw naturally. Call a plumber immediately, especially if the pipe is visibly swollen.