Accessory Dweling Units - Possible Solution to Housing Shortage

If there is anywhere that struggles with over crowding and affordable housing issues, it is Hawaii. I recently saw these model accessory dwelling units shared on FaceBook, and thought that these solutions could be translated to work in our area as well. Many of the properties in Old Town Lafayette allow an accessory dwelling unit as long as you stay within code limitations. The premise of this program is "In the Fall of 2015, Hawaii passed legislation to address Oahu’s housing crisis. Following in the footsteps of select cities in California, Oregon, Washington State and others, Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) were legalized for Oahu homeowners. The new law permits ADUs to be rented long term. Homeowners looking to downsize can also move into a new OHANA KIT ADU while maximizing the rental income potential of their primary house."

Follow this link for more floor plans and examples of the kits available in Hawaii:

Also, Here's an article about Durango, Colorado's experience with ADUs:

Do you think this concept could be beneficial in parts of Boulder County as a way to alleviate some affordable housing issues?