Backpacking as a Family

On a non-real estate note, two things that my husband and I are passionate about are our kids and backpacking. One way we give back to the community is by volunteering in various local elementary schools and talking to the kids about going backpacking with their families. The kids get really excited and ask some great questions. During our last presentation a student asked if we carry 4 days of food (one of the slides we show is of how much food 4 days worth of food is), how do we hike for 12 days? (we explained about resupply points on our 170 mile hike this summer with the kids). It is unbelievably awesome to receive feedback from parents saying that their kids went home and talked about wanting to go backpacking next summer! Next step will be volunteering with parents and giving them practical how-to's to make the kid's backpacking dreams a reality. If you and your family live in the area, and are interested in backpacking, check out the Boulder County Backpacking Families Facebook page I started a while back. There are maps of good backpacking and car camping sites, and other resources!