Financial Tune-Up

Do you have a goal? Ask yourself these questions:

1. Where am I today?

2. Where would I like to be?

3. Can I get there?

4. How do I get there?

5. How can I stay on track?

In the area of personal finance, Bill DeWandeler with Edward Jones asks these questions of all of his clients, and enjoys helping walk them through the process of achieving their financial goals. He has some really great programs that can model your finances and show you when you will run out of money given your anticipated spending and saving rates. More than just helping you select different investment products, Bill looks at the big picture and helps you plan for your financial goals, whether it is a huge family vacation, kid's college funds, retirement, or a snazzy car.

His contact information is:

Bill DeWandeler - Financial Advisor

4155 Darley Avenue, Suite E, Boulder, CO 80305

Bus. 303-543-6086 Cell. 303-522-4556 Fax. 800-431-6422